Your local church, outside of a few stragglers, sits empty all but an hour a week. During that hour,  it sits a third full (looking much like a Joe Biden rally).

Your local theater (the movie kind or the play kind or the opera kind or the symphony kind or the lecture kind) hasn’t had more than a maintenance man in it since April.

Your local restaurant has blocked off half its dinning (or more).

Your local library hasn’t had a book opened in months.

Your local museum didn’t given a wide-eyed child an enlightening thought all summer long.

In the end, your local culture has been all-but killed. Western Civilization is on life-support, and only you can help. And while your money would be nice, what your culture really needs is YOU, in the flesh, bodily present when possible and politically present when edicts from the elected elite make it impossible.

Old War, New Strategy

The culture war is nothing new. It is an old war. In one sense it has been going on for several generations. The children of the men and women who fought WWII (and then built the modern world) started it. The war began with a rebellion of music in the 1950s, then an all-out rebellion against cultural status-quo in the 1960s, followed by a rebellion against establishment in the late 60s and early to mid 1970s. The 1980s through 2000 provided some relief, a time in which the rebellion went back to its hole in Hollywood and became mostly a propaganda war. Beginning about 2000 and growing exponentially stronger in the 2000s and the 2010s, the front lines of battle was the classroom, from Head Start programs (the earlier the enemy can get the brains of the children, the more success they will have), to Kindergartens, elementary schools, junior and high schools, and then with unabashed fervor in the college classroom.

Having removed the foundations of western thought, the culture war has, of late, moved on to removing the symbols and the institutions of western life. The symbols must come down. Christopher Columbus is the new villain. George Washington represents all that is bad in us. Even Abraham Lincoln must go. These are symbols of our heritage and our life. Young people of all colors and all levels of “privilege” have been dutifully fighting the culture war by removing the symbols of western life.

But the removal of symbols also needs the removal of institutions. And an all-out attack on the institutions of western culture (church, theater, restaurant, library, museum, etc.) would result in too much bloodshed to keep the current civil war civil. If this civil war is ever fought by sweat, blood, muscle, sinew…and bullets, western culture (the establishment) will win. But currently the winning side is the weak-kneed, gender-confused, mind-boggling thought leaders of the left. How can they defeat the establishments of western culture and never have a bullet fired?

Enter Covid-19

With the introduction of coronavirus, whether by intent or accident, the left has its new battle weapon. This weapon has succeeded in closing the institutions of western life. Worse yet, the very leaders of western thought so quickly laid down their weapons that it has almost been an unconditional surrender of the culture war. Without the institutions of western thought, western culture cannot and will not survive. In a matter of weeks, Covid-19 was used to close these institutions, and many of them will never be the same again, and some may never open again.

The Church: Western Civilization’s Most Important Institution

I am a church leader, so I can speak of one institution of western thought with more expertise than I could of other institutions. Even so, I would contend that the church is not only the most important institution of Western Civilization, but it is so far ahead of the others in importance that there is not even a close second. For the most part, there is a “church on every corner” in almost every town in North America.

And while most of these churches were not nearly as strong in January, 2020 as they were in January, 1980 (due to slowly losing the culture war), the truth remains that most of these churches went on life support beginning in March, 2020.

And here is the truth that you must understand: If you do not get back into church, the church will die, and Western Civilization along with it.

That is not hyperbole. It is reality. So real that I will say it again: If you do not get back into church, the church will die, and Western Civilization along with it.

What the church was, and now is

In January 2020, your local church was a relatively healthy fellowship of like-minded believers.

  • It had a Sunday School in which boys and girls and men and women of all ages sat with open Bibles and learned the Word of God (the foundational book to Western Civilization).
  • It had musicians, in a choir or a praise team or ensemble or quartet or even a random rotation of “special music” (that was sometimes more “special” than others).  It had a pianist or organist or guitarist, drummer, orchestra or band. It may have had a children’s choir or a youth group that sang praise songs. It likely had adults that gathered to sing about the old, old story.
  • It had a worship service, complete with singing, and passing an offering plate, and the taking of the Lord’s Supper, and shaking hands of old friends and new visitors.
  • It had dinner together, fellowshipping in the Word around the table.
  • It had a Wednesday night Bible study. Perhaps mildly attended (compared to Sunday), but attended nonetheless.
  • It had activities almost every day of the week in many cases.

In short, your local church was a viable entity in January, 2020.

And today, your local church is on life-support. It sits empty.

Read that again.

It sits empty.

It is your church. You raised your family there. You had a funeral of a loved one there. You grew in the Lord there. It sits empty.



Doors locked.


And in one fell swoop, the culture war achieved its necessary strategy of closing the institutions of Western Civilization.

Don’t let it happen

It is almost too late to save. If the closed doors of the church continue for even a few more months, here is what will happen:

  • Repair bills from deferred maintenance will become unmanageable.  Empty buildings are the most expensive buildings there are.
  • Financial cushions will be gone. Even with the faithful mailing in their giving and a few bonus offerings by the generous, the local church depends on the presence of the parishioner to pay the bills.
  • The Pastor (in cases in which there are staff) will move on. I personally would not be surprised to see a mass exodus from ministry beginning in the first half of 2021, if things do not change. The pastor may move on for financial reasons if the church cannot maintain his salary. But, more likely, he will move on (and out of the ministry altogether) simply because it is too discouraging to preach to empty pews week after week.
  • Ministries of the local church will die and never come back:  Wednesday night Bible studies (and their fellowship meals), music ministries, Vacation Bible Schools, summer camps, revivals, covered-dish lunch, traveling quartets, –and the list goes on. These things will die and can never be revived.

What I’ve said above doesn’t have to happen, but it is likely to happen UNLESS those who love Western Civilization get back in church. In the flesh. Warming a pew. Smiling. Singing. Sharing.

But it is too dangerous!

I know that the local church has been designated a danger zone for Covid-19 (by those leading the culture war, those who would be thrilled to see churches closed forever). I know that you have a risk of getting Covid-19 by attending church.

But it is time to get real. Your chances of getting Covid-19 leading to major illness or death are slim to none.

Wash your hands. Risk the disease. Save the culture.


Randy White is the founder and CEO of Dispensational Publishing House, Inc. He teaches Bible online at and preaches at the Taos (NM) First Baptist Church.