TAOS, N.M.—Dispensational Publishing House, Inc. is honored to have worked with author and long-time Bible teacher James C. Morris to release “Ancient Dispensational Truth: Refuting the Myth that Dispensationalism is New.

Ancient Dispensational Truth James MorrisOne of the most common accusations and stereotypes about dispensational thought is that it is new. Proponents of this myth typically claim that John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) was the first to teach the dispensational system of Biblical interpretation. Despite the fact that the accusation is unscholarly and easily refuted, the myth continues.

In a 2015 work, Dr. William Watson of Colorado Christian University displayed dispensational thought written in 17th and 18th-century English works. This important work “demonstrated that Darby’s perspectives were not aberrant nor did they originate with him.”

While Watson focused on original sources in the 17th and 18th-centuries, Morris has gone to the era of the oft-called Church-Fathers, using English translations and displaying the dispensational thinking of these early writings, some of which are drawn from the oldest Christian writings on prophecy that continue in existence today, dating to the second century.

While the only authoritative source of doctrine is the Holy Bible, the works of history are filled with both historical value and insight into the theological minds of some of history’s longest-lasting works.

Ancient Dispensational Truth is the result of over 40-years of study by James C. Morris, who has been a Christian for well over seventy years and has been a teacher among Christians for more than forty-five of these, having served both as a local pastor and an itinerant preacher. He is an internationally published and award-winning Christian writer. He has devoted many years of original research into ancient writings that touch on the study of Bible prophecy.

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