We want to help you find a dispensational church.

There was a time when dispensationalism was fairly normative in churches of many denominations. However, with the rise of evangelicalism and neo-evangelicalism, dispensationalism began to take a back seat, and largely disappear altogether. Because of this, many dispensational Christians struggle to find a healthy church home that teaches the Bible from a literal, grammatical, historical framework. Anyone who knows dispensationalism very well knows that this interpretive grid goes far beyond a pretribulational, premillennial eschatology.

Dispensational Publishing House wants to help dispensational Christians find a church to call home. To do this, we are beginning the development of a Dispensational Church list. This project is being led by Elbert White, our director of church relations.

How to be Included on the Dispensational Church List

We have developed a process that involves the discovery of a church’s doctrine and practice. We take this process seriously because people will use this list seriously. A church that desires to be included on the list will first complete a survey that gives us information about the church’s doctrine. Parts of this survey will eventually be made public, with the church’s permission. After the survey is completed, Elbert White will contact the church’s pastor for a personal phone interview. In this friendly conversation, we will discuss the survey results as well as the church’s doctrine and practice. If both parties agree to go forward, the church’s information will be made public.

We realize that this is not an easy or quick process, but we also desire to create a list that is managed and maintained by a human, not a computer program. Finding a church home is serious business!

As churches are added to the list, the list will become available to the public.

Ready to Begin?