Where Do We Go from Here—as We Face an Uncertain Future?

By PAUL J. SCHARF, M.Div. Editor in Chief (Read Part 1) In this short series we are seeking to analyze the times in which we live in light of Biblical truth—like “the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” (1 Chron. 12:32). We are basing our thoughts on the experiences of King Hezekiah, who ruled from 729 to 686 B.C. and became one of Judah's greatest kings. In 715 B.C. he assumed the sole kingship [...]

Where Do We Go from Here—in Our World and Nation?

By PAUL J. SCHARF, M.Div. Editor in Chief “Where do we go from here?” That is the question before us as we begin this new year of 2017, and it will be the object of our examination in this short blog series. As Bible-believing Christians, we can examine this question on many different levels. We will look at it specifically in the following areas: Where do we go from here—in our world, in our nation and in our service to God and [...]


By PAUL J. SCHARF, M.Div. Editor in Chief On Tuesday of this week we concluded four days of honoring the memory of Dr. Charles C. Ryrie, who died on Feb. 16, 2016. One word that came up repeatedly within the tributes that we ran for him was a simple but powerful one: impact. Impact can function as a noun or a verb. According to Merriam-Webster, the noun form has this "full definition": a:  an impinging or striking especially of one body against [...]

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How Much Time Do I Have?

"How much time do I have?" If you are a busy person, this question sounds very familiar—and perhaps strikes a chord of fear within your soul. We live in a world where we constantly seem to feel rushed, pushed and up against the clock. The pressure is mounting and deadlines are looming. Some of us thrive under pressure—or, at least, so we tell ourselves. But perhaps the only reason we have practiced this is because we foolishly procrastinated and allowed the pressure [...]

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