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The Extent of the Flood

(Read Part 1) What was the extent of the flood, and where did the waters of the flood come from? The Gilgamesh Epic and similar flood stories (e.g., Berossus) say that the cause of the flood was a mighty downpour.[1] There is no great stress laid on “the fountains of the deep” (Gen. 8:2) as in Genesis.[2] But Scripture reveals not just rainfall but massive subterranean upheavals producing water gushes unfathomable in their strength. In Gilgamesh, the craft is a cube about [...]

The Waters of Creation and the Flood

God and the Waters of Creation In the very first chapter of the Bible there is an awful lot of water. It does not come from the sky, nor does it run off the mountainous slopes Hermon. The waters (mayim) which are mentioned first in Genesis 1:2 are just there after the initial act of creation. They are there even before any land is present. Water is even prior to light. It is extraordinary in its properties. It is necessary for physical [...]


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