What Killed the Church?

The church is not dead, but it sure is on its death-bed. Oh, I am fully aware that it will not die before the rapture, but I am also fully aware that a departure from the faith has happened in western civilization. Find any community in America that existed 25 years ago, and in that community overall church attendance has declined, often precipitously. This is true in the west as well as the east, in the north as well as the south. In every established [...]

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Children and the King James Bible

Note: This is the second of a planned series of blogs on the family. Follow the Family Fridays tag in the future for more articles. I did not grow up using a King James Bible. Born in 1965, a KJV was never far from reach in my Christian family, but we were (at that time) solidly Southern Baptist, and that meant we used the version that most suited our needs or the one that "felt right." Most of my teenage years I used [...]

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The Danger of Being Over-Prepared

Every preacher has had the frustrating experience of coming home on Sunday afternoon, upset with themselves because of their presentation. Having preached multiple times almost every week since November, 1992, I know this frustration. I suppose I have delivered somewhere between 3,500 - 5,000 sermons over these 28 years. From this journey, I want to encourage preachers not to be over-prepared. Here is where preachers over-prepare In my experience, younger (or newer) preachers over-prepare in the area of presentation. They prepare pristine outlines. They prepare [...]

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The Importance of Talking to Children

Note: This is the first of a planned series of blogs on the family. Follow the Family Fridays tag in the future for more articles. Talking is teaching. That is a plain and simple fact. What a parent often fails to realize, however, is that teaching does not have to be planned activity or spontaneous "teachable moments," but that it takes place every time the parent opens his or her mouth. Because of this, parents should make it a habit to talk, talk some more, [...]

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We Are Giving Up Too Much (and we may never get it back)

Your local church, outside of a few stragglers, sits empty all but an hour a week. During that hour,  it sits a third full (looking much like a Joe Biden rally). Your local theater (the movie kind or the play kind or the opera kind or the symphony kind or the lecture kind) hasn't had more than a maintenance man in it since April. Your local restaurant has blocked off half its dinning (or more). Your local library hasn't had a book [...]

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The Source Determines the Application: Why the Old Testament Prophecies Are Not Ours

One of the most important rules of Biblical interpretation is that "scripture interprets itself." One of the greatest errors in interpreting the scripture is that the preacher, professor, or student of the Word allows self to interpret scripture. To avoid this error when we study the Word, we need to make sure that we consider the source of a truth when we make the application of that truth. Doing so will keep us from making a dispensational error, which is important because if we do not rightly [...]

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Success is to Keep Going

If you're in ministry, this post is for you! For decades local church ministry has been judged by the "Church Growth" movement, and thus "nickels and noses" were what mattered. Indeed, one could almost say that in most denominational settings as well as many independent settings, "church growth" was the single most important indicator of success in ministry. This movement started in the "big box" seminaries (worthless, all), and spread to the pew. In time, the faithful church members began to judge [...]

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Dear Politician with a Graph, Please Read This

Randy White, CEO On March 23 DPH began carrying the statistical information of Dr. Douglas Frank. You can see that information here. How important are scientific models for pandemics like the one we currently experience? Frankly, these models are virtually the only thing we have to work from. We can gain insight from past pandemics, but none of those are completely relevant. After all, how many times have we heard the word novel in recent days? Our only choices are to make a [...]

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The Flawed Thinking of our Coronavirus Response

by Randy White (Read time: 4 minutes) I am not a doctor. I am a skeptic. I question the assumptions. I am not always right. I am concerned that our society has rushed headlong into fear, panic, government control, socialism, and financial ruin. In the past three weeks, our constitution has been shelved, our voice has been silenced by fear, and our economy has been sent toward an almost sure depression (unless we act quickly by all going to work). Of course, [...]

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Why You Should Have a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and How to Prepare

Randy White In this Publisher's Perspective, I want to give a pastor's perspective.  I have been first and foremost a preacher for almost 30 years, always pastoring a local church, ranging from 25 people to 1200 people in weekly attendance. In these nearly three decades, I have always conducted a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and found it to be one of the best tools for ministry available to the pastor. Preacher, if you choose to have a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, and do so [...]

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