Do We Need Miracles Today?

(Read Part 2) Early in my ministry, I preached a sermon about miracles that went something as follows. We reviewed a number of miracles in Jesus' life in the gospels, after which I made this statement, "It seems like wherever you see Jesus, miracles are happening." Then I made a bad conclusion—namely, that wherever Jesus is today, we should likewise be expecting miracles. Carrying that logic further (because this is the point at which the Baptist preacher lays on the guilt trip), [...]

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What is the Purpose of Miracles?

(Read Part 1) There are some crises that could only be solved by a miracle. In such a case, it would not be wrong to ask the Lord for a miracle. He can do any supernatural work that He chooses to do. There are times, in fact—when all of the resources of this world have been found inadequate—that a miracle is all that we could hope for. However, we have no right to look for a miracle, nor any reason to expect [...]

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Should I Expect a Miracle?

Many people today live by the slogan, “Expect a Miracle.” Should I expect a miracle? Should I look for a miracle? Let us consider that question in light of an account of an amazing miracle of healing that our Lord performed—“ the second miracle that Jesus did” (John 4:54). In John 4:43-54, we find the outline of this genuine miracle that Jesus performed for a specific purpose—healing the nobleman’s son. In the context, we see that Jesus had been in attendance at [...]

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