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New York Legalizes Baby Killing: A Woman’s Response

Hannah Graves Heartbroken. Angry. Helpless. Confused. When I heard the news of the decision made in New York this week, I was at a loss for words and honestly didn’t even believe what I was being told. Our country is entering into a holocaust of the unborn and is being congratulated for doing so. Then I remembered: this isn’t the first time a government has been a part of the murder of children. And yet, in the midst of great darkness, there [...]

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The Rise of Gog?

Dwight Oswald Is Vladimir Putin the "Gog" of Ezekiel 38-39? At this point no one knows, but for years I have been saying he is "Gogesque." However, he may simply be a forerunner to the real "Gog" who will one day follow in his trail. Israel is constantly in the news which fits with Israel being the centerpiece of last day's prophecy. Russia is also consistently in the news. In recent days, two significant events have transpired in regard to Russia. Putin’s [...]

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Jerusalem Through Modern History

Jerusalem has been in the news a lot lately (and we like what is taking place). We thought you might enjoy a downloadable graphic that gives an overview of Jerusalem in modern history. The graphic is available above in .jpeg format (just right-click and then click "save"), or below in an easily printable PDF. If you are interested in learning more about Jerusalem, watch this seven-session study called Jerusalem, City of Gold, by Dr. Randy White.  

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How Winston Churchill Saved the World

Dr. Randy White I’ve recently seen the movie The Darkest Hour, which describes a few days in May 1940, in which the nation of Great Britain was about to succumb to the capitulation of spineless, self-protecting politicians, but was spared from their politician-induced suicide by a most unlikely candidate: Winston Churchill. First, let me say that my presumption is that the movie is decently accurate in the broad scope. I do not presume to be an expert in World War II let [...]

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Reflections on the Life of Robert L. Thomas, Th.D.

Robert L. Thomas, Th.D. (June 4, 1928–Sept. 6, 2017) The New Testament puts heavy emphasis on using the mind as the principal avenue to Christian growth.[1] Dr. Robert L. Thomas modeled this truth in his own life and ministry in the Word of God. Throughout his teaching ministry (1959–2008) he applied his brilliant, God-given mind to Bible study, research, writing, and teaching. That career culminated in December 2014 with Dr. John MacArthur announcing the awarding of professor emeritus status to Dr. Thomas [...]

Remembering Two Great Teachers

Two great dispensational seminary teachers entered the presence of the Lord this past week—Dr. Stanley Toussaint and Dr. Robert Thomas. Dr. Toussaint went to be with Christ on Tuesday morning. He served at Dallas Theological Seminary from 1960 to 2012. On Wednesday morning, Dr. Thomas went to heaven. He served at The Master's Seminary from its founding in 1987 until 2008, having previously taught for 28 years at Talbot Theological Seminary. I never had the privilege of meeting either of these men personally [...]

Why the Purpose Driven Cult Doesn’t Lead to Meaningful Lives

By RANDY WHITE, D.Min. Founder and CEO Somewhere in the past 40 years “Purpose” has become our god. I suppose Rick Warren revealed this god more than he invented it in his wildly successful book, The Purpose Driven Life. Somewhere, having Purpose (yes, I’m capitalizing it on purpose, since it has taken a god-like status) became a “must have” for western culture. Earlier this year, Facebook tycoon (and socialism advocate) Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Harvard University commencement, saying, Today I want [...]

Enthusiasm for the Role of the Chaplain

By RANDY WHITE, D.Min. Founder and CEO (Read Part 1) One of the reasons that I am currently ministering in Taos, N.M., is that I do not desire to be the CEO of a church, managing many different ministries and committees. The way to keep a pastor from becoming a CEO is to allow parachurch organizations to do ministry. They can do that ministry, and do it well! And those ministries will not have to be overseen or funded by the local [...]

The Planting of a Good Seed

As we celebrate Memorial Day and the other patriotic holidays that are coming up at this time of the year, essentially what we are celebrating is more than 240 years of political freedom. We need to understand that this period of freedom that God has given us is abnormal—an anomaly. When you study the flow of world history, you discover that the majority of people who have lived and died have lived under totalitarianism, not in freedom or with the freedoms that we [...]

Encouragement for the Work of the Chaplain

By RANDY WHITE, D.Min. Founder and CEO As we approach Memorial Day, it is especially appropriate that we take some time to remember the work done by Bible-believing chaplains. There are many wonderful military chaplains, and we celebrate their work especially at this season, but there are also many other types of chaplains who perform such a vital service in our communities. I would like to say a word to those who are engaged in this ministry. I want to give just a [...]


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