Why You Should Have a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and How to Prepare

Randy White In this Publisher's Perspective, I want to give a pastor's perspective.  I have been first and foremost a preacher for almost 30 years, always pastoring a local church, ranging from 25 people to 1200 people in weekly attendance. In these nearly three decades, I have always conducted a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and found it to be one of the best tools for ministry available to the pastor. Preacher, if you choose to have a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, and do so [...]

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The Triple Cure

(Read Part 1) When we think about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the world, we are instantly forced to travel the road north from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. There, we can stand and gaze through tears of both sorrow and joy at a lonely hill called Calvary. There, with the eyes of faith, we see Jesus not as the eternal child in the arms of His mother, but as the Christ of Calvary. A moment’s thought about what happened there [...]

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Christ is with Us

There was a night nearly 2,000 years ago in which a little city south of Jerusalem became the scene of the greatest miracle in the history of the universe. Whatever unusual things have ever transpired, none of them can compare to the intersection of humanity and divinity which took place in that little town. What was that miracle? The answer is found in the statement of Matthew, “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His [...]

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Joyous Participation—Bright Anticipation

(Read Part 1) This was the miracle about which the angel spoke when he said concerning Mary, And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins. (Matt. 1:21) In the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, deity touched humanity and, from that moment on, no person can doubt the love of God. The love of God was forever presented to man in the coming, the life, the death, the [...]

A Grateful Heart

There are three main holidays which we will be celebrating in these coming days. Each one of them bears a particular message that we will find to be important to us and to the world in our time. The first of these is Thanksgiving. In a world of indignation, resentment, hatred, ungratefulness, the word thanksgiving seems like an anomaly. Nevertheless, the attitude of mind which is best described by the word thanksgiving is advocated for us many times in the Word of God. [...]

‘The Middle East Meltdown’ on ‘Prophecy Watchers’

Editor's Note: Dr. Andy Woods is the author of Dispensational Publishing House's very first published volume, The Middle East Meltdown. Andy first appeared on the television program Prophecy Watchers with host Gary Stearman late in 2016 to talk about his new book. Then he was back on the program just recently to speak further about the issues behind the book. We have updated this post in that light and trust that you will find both of these interviews to be enlightening and encouraging. And the word of [...]

2016 in Review

By PAUL J. SCHARF, M.Div. Editor in Chief The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is often regarded as a time to look back at the year that is almost ended and to plan for the new year ahead. These are important and meaningful days, and they allow us the opportunity to evaluate our lives in accord with the words of Moses in Psalm 90: For all our days have passed away in Your wrath; We finish our years like a [...]

What Are We Then to Do?

(Read Part 1) Because we believe, what are we then to do? Because we believe, we cannot help but do our best to tell others of the gospel of Christ. What activity can be most strategic by the Christian who wants to spread the gospel and serve Christ well? It is exactly this—to speak, to preach, to promote, to publish the Word. It is to give ourselves to that most necessary and most strategic of all activities—the propagation of the gospel in [...]

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The Reasons for Observing Christmas

(Read Part 1) The book of 1 Corinthians addresses many issues, although the primary emphasis is upon the believer’s eternal salvation, which one receives by Divine grace through faith in Jesus Christ. One issue mentioned is the matter of “things sacrificed to idols” (8:1), a subject that was given meticulous consideration. Within the Greek culture of 1 Corinthians, families often participated in religious sacrifices. Sacrificial animals would be offered in pagan temples, and only a portion of the meat was burned in those rituals. [...]

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Celebrating Jesus’ Incarnation

The vast majority of Christians celebrate Christmas without any thought as to whether they should, whereas others insist that pagan elements associated with the day forbid the church from any observance. For instance, the ancient druids worshiped trees (especially the oak), and pagan motivations resulted in the decoration of the tree. Others question the legend and role of Saint Nicholas in Christmas celebrations and other popular customs. The observance or non-observance of Christmas continues to provoke lively discussions among Christians. Since the [...]

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