The Extent of the Flood

(Read Part 1) What was the extent of the flood, and where did the waters of the flood come from? The Gilgamesh Epic and similar flood stories (e.g., Berossus) say that the cause of the flood was a mighty downpour.[1] There is no great stress laid on “the fountains of the deep” (Gen. 8:2) as in Genesis.[2] But Scripture reveals not just rainfall but massive subterranean upheavals producing water gushes unfathomable in their strength. In Gilgamesh, the craft is a cube about [...]

Two-by-Two or Seven-by-Seven?

Two-by-Two? The newest and most spectacular Christian construction project of the 21st century stands majestically in the great state of Kentucky, ready for God to use in a colossal fashion. This project will proclaim lovingly, visually and dramatically the best news ever given to man, God’s story of redemption. Many of us heard the Bible “story” of Noah’s ark for the first time as children in a Sunday school class. The massive building project of Noah, and the supernatural work of God in [...]

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The Biblical Prominence of the Flood

All of us need to grasp, first of all, the Biblical teaching about the prominence of the flood. Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “If you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me.  But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?" (John 5:46-47; cf. Luke 24:25-27). Let us start with Genesis 6:17 – “I Myself am bringing floodwaters on the earth, to destroy from under heaven all flesh . . . everything that is on the earth shall [...]

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The Enormity and Importance of the Flood

Researchers have discovered evidence of water beneath the surface of the Earth, as deep as 650 kilometers (404 miles). The vast amount of water beneath your feet is enough to fill oceans. The water, however, is not in liquid form (and is thus unavailable as a reservoir); rather, it is trapped within underground materials. The research is interesting because Bible skeptics have often inquired as to the rescinding of the floodwaters—if the Earth was covered entirely with water (cf. Gen. 7:17-24). The [...]

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The Waters of Creation and the Flood

God and the Waters of Creation In the very first chapter of the Bible there is an awful lot of water. It does not come from the sky, nor does it run off the mountainous slopes Hermon. The waters (mayim) which are mentioned first in Genesis 1:2 are just there after the initial act of creation. They are there even before any land is present. Water is even prior to light. It is extraordinary in its properties. It is necessary for physical [...]

‘The Genesis Flood’: A Renewed Call to Biblical Literalism

When I think of the great flood of Noah, I usually think immediately of my revered seminary teacher, Dr. John C. Whitcomb, in whose many classes I came to a deep appreciation of the Old Testament Scriptures. He was in the vanguard of a renewed call to Biblical literalism in Bible-science studies, beginning with The Genesis Flood (Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 1961). This book was in collaboration with Dr. Henry Morris, a professor of civil engineering at Virginia Tech University and an [...]


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