Why You Should Have a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and How to Prepare

Randy White In this Publisher's Perspective, I want to give a pastor's perspective.  I have been first and foremost a preacher for almost 30 years, always pastoring a local church, ranging from 25 people to 1200 people in weekly attendance. In these nearly three decades, I have always conducted a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and found it to be one of the best tools for ministry available to the pastor. Preacher, if you choose to have a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, and do so [...]

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Why Chick-fil-A-style Corporate Charity Should Be Discouraged

Randy White Corporate charity – the giving of large donations to non-profit organizations by corporate entities – is huge business. And 100% of it needs to go away. Here’s why. First, corporations are somewhat like governments: they do not really have any money of their own. All corporate money is really consumer money (that is: my money and your money). We selected a product – maybe a computer or a chicken sandwich – and paid a handsome amount of our money in [...]

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Undercover Jehovah’s Witnesses Phone Calls to Churches

Randy White, CEO, Dispensational Publishing House I recently received a phone call in our church office from "Nelson" who was "on break" from his job and had a Bible question. He asked if a pastor was available to take the question, and I, of course, obliged. I was a bit suspicious because he had that "salesman tone" and because he called on a private number, something a true inquirer would rarely do. "Nelson" asked about Genesis 1:27, specifically on the pronoun "He" [...]

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Who Were The Sons of God of Genesis Six?

by Christopher Preston, Fairview Bible Church, Fairview, PA INTRODUCTION The “sons of God” of Genesis chapter six have been the subject of much controversy. Respected theologians and pastors differ drastically on their understanding of the identity of these beings. There are four basic interpretations regarding the identity of the Sons of God. The purpose of this paper is to examine these views, and to argue that the sons of God were in fact fallen angels who abandoned their proper domain of the [...]

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Escaping Evangelicalism and Fleeing To Fundamentalism

by Allen Rea I know what I was taught evangelicalism meant, and I have read enough resources to know what it actually means. However, the definition, like so many other things in our contemporary society has been downgraded. The more I see coming out of evangelicalism, the less I learn that I have in common with it. The more I learn about fundamentalism, the more I learn that I have in common with it. Modern evangelicalism is constantly inventing new terms and [...]

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Thoughts From a Visit to the Mormon Temple Square in Salt Lake City

Randy White Traveling back from the Steeling the Mind conference in Ceour d'Alene, ID, my family and I spent a half day touring Temple Square and the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT. Here are some of my thoughts, and pictures. Mormonism is clearly a non-Christian cult, but one has to listen closely to catch the subtle but fundamental differences between Christianity and Mormonism. Mormonism is King of the Hill at religious manipulation. They understand emotions, friendship, the power of [...]

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“Ancient Dispensational Truth” A Review

Pastor Allen Rea How many times have we heard the tired and old straw man that dispensationalism came with Darby? Such a tired old criticism is not to be taken seriously. While I would like to think that such critics had been hanging out with giants like Thomas Oden, who had taken the definition of orthodoxy from Vincent of Lerins, I fear that they are simply repeating what they have heard from others fearing to do any research of their own. A [...]

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New York Legalizes Baby Killing: A Woman’s Response

Hannah Graves Heartbroken. Angry. Helpless. Confused. When I heard the news of the decision made in New York this week, I was at a loss for words and honestly didn’t even believe what I was being told. Our country is entering into a holocaust of the unborn and is being congratulated for doing so. Then I remembered: this isn’t the first time a government has been a part of the murder of children. And yet, in the midst of great darkness, there [...]

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The Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit?  A case for the King James Version Randy White Most people assume that Holy Ghost is simply an antiquated name for the Holy Spirit, and that Spirit is less ghastly than Ghost. In one sense this is true (for modern readers), but in another, there is a real advantage of speaking of the Holy Ghost rather than the Holy Spirit. Is Ghost too Ghastly? One of the major reasons people give for dismissing the KJV term [...]

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Lexington (KY) Dispensational Fellowship

If you live near Lexington, KY, join us on January 25 for the first meeting of the Lexington Dispensational Fellowship! The meeting is from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (come when you can, leave when you must). Dr. Randy White, CEO of Dispensational Publishing House, will be leading three-hours of dispensational training and discussion. The meeting will be held at- First Southern National Bank 3060 Harrodsburg Road #100 Lexington, KY 40503 If you do not live in Lexington and need hotel accomodations, [...]

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