Dispensationalism is more than a series of key words by which we can divide the epochs of history.

It is a systematic way of understanding the Scriptures that offers a comprehensive view of all of God’s dealings throughout history—and thus informs us as to how we are to serve the Lord at the particular time in which we live.

All of this is built upon a literal approach to interpreting the Bible. When applied consistently, such a literal interpretation yields a futurist, premillennial, pre-tribulational understanding of Bible prophecy that fully recognizes the important distinction between Israel and the church.

Contrary to some of their critics, dispensational writers and thinkers have not sought to be theologically innovative or novel for novelty’s sake. We build upon the foundation of historic, orthodox Christianity, but attempt to apply the same passionate search for truth—and the same rules of interpretation—in areas such as Bible prophecy that we also have in more fundamental areas of doctrine, such as those regarding God, man, sin and salvation.

It will be the goal of Dispensational Publishing House to make this website as well as all of our print and electronic resources “go-to” materials for reliable information that will strengthen and embolden dispensationalists and challenge non-dispensationalists.

To be sure, our authors will present a variety of views under the banner of classical or traditional dispensationalism. Not all of them will agree on everything—and some may even disagree on significant aspects of interpretation and theology.

But all of them will strive to present the truth of Scripture to the best of their understanding, to aid your learning for the glory of God.

We hope that you will be blessed.