The Middle East Meltdown (front cover)

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TAOS, N.M.—Dispensational Publishing House, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its first published volume. It is The Middle East Meltdown: The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel by Dr. Andy Woods.

Woods is a prolific author who speaks nationally on Bible prophecy and related issues. He is the senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church in Sugar Land, Texas, a full professor at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston and an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.

This 100-page book delves deeply into Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 and all the issues related to a future war that involves many nations but ends with Divine deliverance on behalf of the people and the land of Israel.


Dr. Andy Woods

DPH founder and chief executive officer Dr. Randy White stated, “Andy Woods well represents the kind of theological commitment and Biblical integrity that I desire to be seen in every work of DPH. It is my prayer that this work is a blessing to thousands who will learn prophecy without sensationalism or undue speculation, but with solid Biblical evidence and a literal interpretation of Scripture.”

“It is an honor to be the first published author for the new publishing venture, Dispensational Publishing House,” Woods said. “DPH is needed to fulfill a unique literary need in the body of Christ today regarding the demand for sound dispensational literature resources.”

The book is now available for purchase at in both paperback and ebook formats.

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