If you are interested in writing something of a solidly Biblical nature, Dispensational Publishing House desires to hear from you.

Even if you are not a known or published author like some of our writers, we offer an open door that could lead to getting your thoughts into print. In fact, we cherish the opportunity to encourage excellent new writers.

If you have never published anything before, you may need to consider beginning by writing an article for our blog.

If you feel you are ready to write an entire book, we would love to hear from you. Proposals for multi-author volumes are especially encouraged.

If you are brand new to the world of publishing, we may ask you to provide us more information about yourself, including academic credentials and references. All book proposals must be presented to our chief executive officer, Dr. Randy White.

We reserve the right to screen all submissions and to edit them for length, style and content. Any submissions that we publish will be copyrighted by DPH. We normally do not pay for blog articles. Payments for books will be handled on an individual basis and determined by contracts with DPH.

Also, remember that all publications of DPH must conform to the core principles explained on our “About Us” page.

So let’s get started. Now is the right time to write for DPH!