Welcome to Dispensational Publishing House!

Dispensational Publishing House (DPH) focuses on printing works of a Biblical nature—from the dispensational perspective—that provide substantive content for the serious, thoughtful Christian. We hope to offer enduring resources that will prove invaluable to church members, Bible teachers, pastors, professors and all students of God’s Word.

Because of DPH’s unique focus on dispensationalism, our major authors will also align with the following core principles that characterize our purpose:

  • We believe that God speaks today only through His written Word in the Old and New Testaments, and that the content of the revealed Word of God is sufficient for the believer and equips him or her to do “all good works.”
  • We hold to futurism, premillennialism and the pre-tribulational rapture.
  • We love Israel—the people and their land—and believe that God will ultimately fulfill every promise and prophecy that He has given to the physical nation of Israel.
  • We understand the church to be a distinct people of God in this age—comprised of both Jewish and Gentile believers who are called from among the nations to fulfill His specific purposes for this age.
  • We believe in a future, physical kingdom of God—and therefore refrain from speaking of the church or the spiritual life as the kingdom (i.e., “kingdom work,” “bringing in the kingdom,” etc.).
  • We do not teach covenant or Reformed theology.
  • We recognize that the key to understanding sanctification in this age is the realization that the Christian is not under the Mosaic Law.
  • We do not promote ecumenicalism, which often blurs lines of doctrinal significance and will ultimately serve to foster the conditions under which the antichrist will thrive during the future seven-year tribulation.
  • We are committed to serious Bible study based upon the use of the original languages. We choose to be judicious in our use of English Bible versions. While it may be necessary to utilize multiple versions in our publications, the use of such versions does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of them by DPH. Our preference is to base our works on the texts of the King James Version.
  • We understand that we live at a critical hour in history and that the time left in the church age may be short. Therefore we seek to multiply our impact by partnering, to every extent possible, with like-minded organizations and authors with whom we are in formal agreement on particular topics. Such partnerships do not constitute a complete endorsement of any person or organization in its entirety.

DPH gives emphasis to books of a Biblical or theological nature. Books on practical themes will only be considered if they are based upon sound Biblical exposition and align with our core principles.

If you would like to write for DPH—be it an article or a whole book—see the information on the page entitled “How to Write for DPH.”